No dogs can join the group runs who are under 18 months, they are still growing.  All dogs mature at different rates, and some dogs won’t be fully grown and mature until after 18 months. If in any doubt check with your vet

We cannot advise on dogs fitness, you should check with your vet.

Canicross is not suitable for all dog breeds, some breeds are suitable to, little and often running but not distances.

But we are always happy to give guidance so please do get in touch





It may feel like the easiest thing for you when starting is to just grab your dogs lead and start running with them.

But holding a lead can be uncomfortable for you and your shoulder.  And using your dogs collar can cause damage to their neck, and also restrict their breathing.

A halti type head collar can be dangerous when running, as they are designed to stop the dog pulling.  And can cause damage to the dogs face and neck when you are running.

See our kit page for what we recommend for starting canicross.

If you are local and want to join us at our runs, or a local parkrun, get in touch.  We can lend you a harness for you and your dog and a bungee so you can try them out and feel the difference for you both.

Running hands free, whilst attached to your dog safety (the bungee line between you will mean you can still bring the dog in close if you need to) will complelty change your experience of running with your dog in a positive way.


  • Enjoy! You really will have fun and gain so much experience from running with other canicrossers.
  • Feed your dog 2hrs before to avoid risk of bloat. N.B. They don’t need to ‘’carb up’’ as have different metabolism to us
  • Change of clothes/trainers for human (you maybe muddy after and may have slipped over – worst case)
  • Towel or drying coat (or cooling coat if hot weather) for your dog – they an athlete keep their muscles from getting any strains by them cooling off to quickly
  • Get there early (I know I am always late!!!!) so you can stay relaxed
  • Poo bags
  • Standard Dog harness/bungee/run belt (or if you have arranged to borrow kit make sure I know to bring it or hasn’t already been loaned out)
  • Dog water. I always run with water for my dog. I know he will be fine for 5k but would let him drink from puddles during any run if he needed to. Definitely have water on offer for before and after. Leave a bowl by your car or near finish.
  • Slow warm up! This is vital in not only giving your dog time to have a poo/pee break before the run but also warm up their muscles. They cannot go from sitting in car to sprint without risk of injury.
  • Yell what side you are overtaking so the runner in front can control their dog if need be
  • If you dog suddenly stops for a ‘comfort break’ make sure you are aware not to get caught up by anyone overtaking you
  • Warm down! Vital for your dogs muscles to slow cool down as cannot go from sprinting to stationary.
  • Feed when get home. I would give my dog some food when we got back home, least hour after although think 2hours recommended?
  • Remember that as a group we can look quite intimidating. Be sensitive to other users of the area that you are running through
  • Be mindful of other dogs and their owners, some of the dogs will be full of adrenaline and ready to ‘race’
  • Don’t assume just because your dog is easy going any other dog will tolerate that when in ‘race mode.’
  • Don’t forget your TailRunners t-shirt and bandanna
These are my personal opinion of tips. I am not a vet practitioner, so please use to your own discretion. You know your dog best 🙂
*Advice taken from Dr Marge Chandler in her KC seminar ‘’Nutrition for the Canine athlete’’

Please see our Kit page


This is ok – the most important thing is that you let us know and we can make sure they get it.

They will always be attached to you.

We ask all members to be aware of other dogs and be in control of their own dog.

Contact us to discuss any issues and we can give you more information.


On our organised Tuesday and Sunday runs, we do 2 loops.  So if you want to stop after 1 look that is fine.

We have a tail runner too, so you will be supported if you stay towards the back.

Everyone in the group was a beginner, and are all really supportive of new runners.


In canicross you will always be attached to your dog.  Training them to learn the commands of left / right etc.

Once they are attached most are focused and know what their job is, and its running with you!


If you are using the correct kit, then canicross is all about working as a team with your dog.

Learning the correct technique to distribute the pull of the dog with your own weight.

We can show you the techniques in the group, or if you feel a 1-2-1 session would benefit you then have a look here 



Recommendations from members

Aennon LED Head Torch – Super Bright, Waterproof, Lightweight. 4 modes. CREE LED

We have just purchased think Neil Dobson recommended to us!

Kalenji body torch from decathlon- fabulous – Vicky Irvin

On ebay if you search cree xml t6 headlamp it brings up millions of different sizes/shapes/brightness’s, then just pick one in price range and what you’re after (best to search UK dispatchers as ones from china are cheaper but takes weeks to arrive) as you’ll be wearing it on your head go for a small sized one as the big ones are slightly big and heavier so they’re best for bikejor.

  • don’t let it over charge, the battery charger has a light on it that’s red when charging and goes green once full. turn off as soon as possible once goes green.
  • don’t let it turn off by itself (when using the button is green when got charge, it then goes red when low, and starts flashing red when critically low, turn it off before then as it damages the battery.
  • once fully charged let it run down as much as possible and then re charge instead of topping it up every time as this effects battery longevity to! – Luke Nicholls

10000LM 7x Cree XM-L T6 LED MTB Mountain Bike Cycling Head Light Lamp 12800mAh – Amanda  (my bikejor light)

LED Lenser SEO7-R Rechargeable Head Torch – Bruce Gander and Kerry Burles

I recommend a branded head torch such as Petzl, LED lenser, Silva etc. For runners we normally recommend at least 100 lumens however since you have dogs running further in front I suggest a higher rating say 150 lumens (or more). Most running shops sell them or places like amazon, millets etc. Hope this helps –  Daniel Benwell

Decathlon chest torch, I think it’s fantastic! I found the bob from a head torch destracted Cooper a lot when running in the dark!  Owen Styles

Led lenser H7R head torch best value for money I think. Been flat out in pitch black woods with the collies and still seen where I’m going!! – Richard Jones