Get the right



The runner has a canicross waist or hip belt.

The dog has a harness that is especially designed for pulling

These are joined by a bungee lead that absorbs impact and makes it more comfortable for the dog and runner.

We can only recommend what we have used in the group, but you can get more advice from the online shops we recommend. Members get a 10% discount at the first 2 (contact us for the code once you’ve joined up)

K9 Sport

K9 Trail Time

Sporty Paws Use code LStailrunners10 for 10% discount

Runners Retreat

We can always bring spare kit for you to borrow on your first few runs to see how you get on.  Again let us know you’d like to come and try it and we can bring suitable kit.


The Nonstop running belt is a favourite with many in the group


There are lots of different types of harnesses, but 2 main differences are if they are full length along your dogs back, or short.  If you intend only having the harness on when you are attached you can use a long.  But if you will releases you dog for free running then you need a short so it doesn’t get tangled with the dog or bushes etc.  Also some breeds will find the long length harnesses too long for their backs.

The Zero DC Short is popular with members


You can get different lengths of lines, shorter ones for closer control and longer lengths for muddy slippery conditions or if you prefer the dog further away.  It is worth borrowing a line to see what suits you.

Emily from K9 trailtime writes about lines here 

The bono short line is a short line


These are the same as you would wear for any run, and the type will be dependant on the surface.  Most of our runs are on trails, with potential mud, puddles, fields etc.  So if it is winter, or has been wet trail shoes are advised.


Again same as you would wear normally for running, dependant on weather conditions.  But if you have a running belt with leg straps make sure your shorts / leggings are comfortable with the leg straps.


In the winter espcially it is important to keep your dog warm as they cool down.  So an jumper or fleece is a good idea.

We recommend equafleeces

Water – always have access to water during longer runs and for your dog after any run.