To run with the club is free however we do need to cover the cost of Public Liability Insurance so we ask for a voluntary contribution of £15.00 for the season. (£14 a year if you choose the auto-renew option) You can sign up & pay below.

The insurance helps us protect our members on any organised run/social meet up/races events. Public Liability insurance gives us great peace of mind when out on the trails doing what we love and is a requirement for many.

Paid Members receive 10% discount from our select partners. Discounts have been offered from:-

K9 trail time – www.k9trailtime.com
K9 Sport – www.k9sport.co.uk
Completely K9 – www.completelyk9.co.uk
IM Coaching – www.facebook.com/IronmanCoaching/
Sportpaws – Sporty Paws  Use code LStailrunners10 for 10% discount
Hardy Strength & Fitness – Facebook

These are suppliers of kit, running apparel and one of our local hydrotherapy centres plus human sport massage discounts

Paid members have so far also received discount on the latest kit, first refusal on all events which includes but not limited to:-

  • Night run medals
  • Tri Dog training
  • New kit
  • Canicross clinic
  • Spare race entries.

Paid members are also the first to know significant news and have the opportunity to help grow the club and become a committee member.

Paid members also:-

  • Vote on run locations.
  • Receive Additional running analysis or medical posts
  • Received Canine conditioning videos
  • The Paid member’s area also is a further closed group by invite only and provides additional privacy for those wanting it on their posts or photos but still want to share them.
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling from actively supporting your club and not just sitting on its facebook page…PRICELESS!!!!!!

Membership is for a year, and you can pay yearly for £15, or if you select the auto-renew option then it is £14 a year. 

Click the button below and it will open the Stripe payment screen