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My First Checkendon Challenge – Tony & Fred

Checkendon Challenge Advertised as “The best trail in the UK and loved by all”, this was an event that interested me. I had seen a few videos from this event, and it looks stunning (And scary if you have never done bikejor). I was in 2 minds about entering, as it’s...

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The road to my first pup powered parkrun

I have tried to like running several times over the last 7 years, and failed.  I have done couch to 5k several times, but always stopped after, through injury or hating it still and never finding the magic that I see 'every' other runner found. "It clears your...

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Red Kite Cani Trail 2019 Review by Sam & Peggy

Well it seems like an age ago that I signed up (fairly early on in our canicross journey) to this amazing looking event somewhere in Wales, it was in fact nearly a year ago I think! I remember having all these grand plans of training up hills and getting myself and...

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Baloo’s blog from the Silver Moon 5k

After having run a whole 3 times with Baloo at club runs and absolutely loved it I felt she had done really well with dogs passing her and us making passes so I bit the bullet and entered our first event. It was a case of all the gear and no idea though! I was...

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Comparing a long and short canicross harness

When starting canicross finding the right harness for your dog can become a complicated matter as there are so many to choose from. And even once you have been doing it for a while, if you join us for a run or go to an event and see all the other dogs in different...

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The Yellow Dog System

Are you aware of the yellow dog system? There is a colour scheme to alert other owners that your dog is either not dog friendly (red) needs space (yellow) working (blue) happy to say hi (green). Some of our events adopt the yellow dog system, which means if your...

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