Distance Challenge Trophy

Small £18.00 postage is included in the cost.
Large £28.00 postage is included in the cost.

Our first distance challenge trophy and to honour those members in far flung places we have these as follows

’All the way round’’

Mersea Island perimeter 13 miles
Canvey Island perimeter 14miles
UK coastline 7,723 miles
Scotland coastline 6,160 miles
Canada coastline 151,019 miles
New Zealand coastline 9,300 miles

‘’’North to South’’

UK North to South 600 miles
Scotland north to south 274miles
New Zealand from North to South 1,000miles
Canada North to South 2874miles

Custom designed just for us by a fellow team member.

The small trophy is a natural Sycamore

The large trophy is an Ash

Mock up attached
* Please ignore the knot in the wood this one wont be used is just in this mock up

* Please ignore the mountain elevation graphic the distance challenge will be a compass design

Trophy dimensions and personalisation:

Small 10-12cm (4-5″) with the mountain name and height on one side and the tailrunners logo on the other side

Large 20cm (8″) with the mountain name and height on one side and the tailrunners logo on the other side

ADDED DETAIL to large only

Your name and your dog name on so ‘Jesse & Ffion’

No two will be exactly the same

You should run your own distance to earn your trophy by the start of next season 1st September 2021

You don’t need to send in proof, its just up to you to complete it. But we love seeing your posts on the Facebook group of you doing them with or without your pup.

Your distance can be recorded from 1st March 2021 to 31st August 2021


We will get your trophy out to you two weeks after this date.

The cost of this is for UK participants only, but if you are outside the UK, and want to take part get in touch with us to confirm postage

£3 from every purchase will be donated to the Team Baloo Fund.

We are delighted to have RPD Baloo as a Tailrunners member. You can read more about her story here.