19 November 2023 at Hadleigh Country Park

Tailrunners 5k Canicross Race 2023

General Terms & Conditions

By entering a Tailrunners Event, you understand and agree to terms and conditions stated below. If you disagree with any of the below terms then please do not enter. If you are in any way unsure on any aspect of the content below, please contact us at tailrunnersevents@gmail.com

Tailrunners reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting changes online.

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The organisers hold the rights to amend/cancel any event at late notice. This includes any aspect of the event such as race time, date, venue, fees or prizes. In the event of a cancellation that is beyond the control of the organisers, such as adverse weather conditions, attempts will be made to reschedule the event and entries will be automatically transferred. Where an event can not be rescheduled, committed contractors will be paid and remaining funds will be offered as partial refunds, donated to charity or an alternative arrangement will be provided involving our other events. Where an event is not fully cancelled or rescheduled and the participant chooses not to race, they will not be entitled to a refund.

The minimum age required to enter the event is 16 years old.

Any accidents or injuries that occur during an event will not be the responsibility of Tailrunners Events. Organisers hold the right to exclude participants from any event who are deemed to be acting inappropriately or causing health and safety concerns for themselves or others without refund.

Entries are non refundable, but you can transfer your entry to another person up to 7 days before the event.

All participants agree to abide by the rules of the race set by the race directors, organisers (including medical staff, police and race day stewards)

All entrants understand that they bear all of the risks associated with the stress and strains of the event from a physical perspective. All participants agree that they are fit and healthy enough to compete in the event and will not hold the event organisers responsible for health failures that arise during/following the event. Additionally, entrants will not hold the organisers responsible for the loss or damage of any personal equipment left without care.

Participants agree to allow Tailrunners to use any images obtained on the day on their website or to be distributed to third parties.

Canicross Event Terms & Conditions


  • Dogs must be a minimum of 18 months old on the day of the race to enter.
  • Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times prior, during, and post the race.
  • For your dog’s comfort and safety they must be run in a well-fitting, suitable canicross harness and be attached to their handler by a line containing some bungee to act as a shock absorber. These lines must not be longer than 2 metres when fully extended and an appropriate Cani-Cross belt is required for handlers. PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to show your equipment at registration and get a hand stamp that can be checked before the race starts. 
  • If a muzzle is required it should be the open basket type, through which dogs can pant, drink and take treats.
  • All handlers must clear up after your dog even when racing.
  • Runners are not allowed to wear shoes that could be dangerous for dogs. Shoes with metal spikes are strictly forbidden. Trail shoes with good grip are recommended.
  • The course is of cross-country type, so the terrain will be at times uneven and there will be water, roots, mud, fallen branches, stones etc. Runners should be aware of this and run their race according to the conditions and accept that there are potential risks involved in taking on a cross-country type of course. We will make runners aware of any major hazards at the race briefing.
  • Whilst we will make every effort to provide water on site and at Marshall Points, participants are ultimately responsible for providing water for their dogs and themselves at all times.
  • No pregnant or nursing bitches are allowed to compete. Bitches that are/will be in season will unfortunately not be allowed to race.
  • Dogs should not be brought to the event if they are coughing, unwell, or have recently been in contact with infectious disease. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy before racing. If in doubt consult your vet before arrival. 


  • We actively encourage people to get involved in the sport, if you would like to enter the race but don’t have the correct equipment, get in touch with us tailrunnersevents@gmail.com at least 2 months before the race.  We hold regular meet ups and you can come along to one and borrow some equipment to test.  We cannot provide equipment on the day of the race, but can advise ahead of it (weeks not days!) on the correct equipment to have.  
  • Cani-crossers are friendly people, so please ask if you have any questions before, or on the day and someone will help you. 


  • It is presumed that you are running with your own dog. If you borrow a dog to race with you should be familiar with each other, have trained together prior to the race and the handler should be aware of the dogs behaviour in a race environment and be responsible for its care throughout the event, otherwise you should not race with the dog. You must also ensure the dog has adequate insurance and have the permission of the owner. 


  • A full race briefing will be emailed a week before the event, please read this fully and if you have any questions, email us tailrunnersevents@gmail.com 
  • On the day a full verbal briefing will take please, we appreciate with dogs there it can get noisy but we will do our best to make ourselves heard.
  • If you have any questions on the day, the event organisers will be in orange hi-viz and marshalls in yellow.  Ask anyone for help, or clarification.


  • Cani-Crossers must do their utmost to ensure that their dogs do not interfere with other runners or dogs. If a Race Marshal determines that a handler’s conduct at any time in the race area or on the trail is detrimental to the sport / race, that runner shall be disqualified. This includes prior to, during, and after the event. Abuse of dogs, both physical and verbal is prohibited. If a handler, in the opinion of the Race Marshal abuses a dog, that runner will be disqualified.
  • If a dog becomes unfit or refuses to advance for any reason, the Competitor is not permitted to finish the race. They must remain where they are and wait to be picked up by the event sweeper and advise a marshal as soon as possible if the dog is in need of urgent attention.
  • When overtaking the advancing Cani-Crosser must shout to warn the runner in front of their intentions, i.e. ‘coming through’ ideally stating which side they intend to pass. The Cani-Crosser who is being overtaken must assume responsibility to ensure that their dogs are to one side of the track and do not interfere with the runner going past. (For those with dogs who are worried by other dogs we will be operating a ‘Yellow Band’ scheme, i.e. those with such dogs will wear a yellow ribbon / armband to warn others and therefore ensure they are given the space they need. This is especially important at the start of the race when adrenalin is running high). Competitors must provide their own yellow armbands.
  • All Cani-Crossers should show their fellow Competitors and their dogs respect at all times. Additionally, if a runner or a dog is in distress, ALL competitors have a duty to assist if reasonably and safely able to do so.


  • The Owner of a dog is required for the race to have liability insurance (or family insurance) for any damages that their dog may commit. The Owner of a dog is the person named as such in the dog’s vaccination book and/or official paperwork. The Owner must ensure that the animal is owned (cared for) in accordance with the law. 


  • The race will be over a distance of approximately 5K. The temperature is an important consideration when racing and it is essential to respect the welfare of the dogs and to adapt to their pace. Handlers must allow their dog to drink at the water points and to use the water points to cool down.
  • Competitors will be set off in waves to avoid bunching up, you will be asked your 5k average time on registration, please give an accurate time of what you can do. This is a chip timed event so your time will start when you cross the start line
  • The Race Organiser will provide water around the course at points where practical, though it is the Competitors responsibility to ensure their dog is adequately hydrated. If you do stop, please stop to the side of the racing course and ensure you do not obstruct other Competitors.
  • Should you feel that your dog (or you) are not able to complete the pre booked distance then please make your nearest marshall aware you are finishing early. Please be aware of the other competitors on the course and wait for instruction from the marshall on th route you should take back,
  • If you or your dog become injured and are unable to make it back to the registration / finish area alert the nearest marshall, or if you cannot make it to them, alert another runner and ask them to alert the next marshall. 


  • All Runners should ensure they have 3rd party liability for themselves and their dogs and accept the risks associated with running Cross Country.